Fin Simonetti

born 1985 Vancouver, British Columbia. 

2009. BFA, Ontario College of Art and Design University
2004-2006. Film Production, York University


Pastoral Emergency. SIGNALBrooklyn, NY (solo)
Eye to Eye. Arsenal ContemporaryNew York, NY
Altered. Company Gallery. New York, NY
Cerrajeria. Lock Up International. Mexico City, MX
NADA Miami. Helena Anrather. Miami, FL.
At the End of the Game. Alyssa Davis GalleryNew York, NY
Pleasure Over Matter. The Space Company. San Francisco, CA.
Fear Faire. Marinaro. New York, NY
The Belly & the Members. MX Gallery. New York, NY

LIFEMORTS. Interstate ProjectsBrooklyn, NY (solo)
IS PATH WARM?. Good Weather. Little Rock, AR (solo)
Paperweights.  Fisher Parrish. Brooklyn, NY
No Vacancy.  Alt Esc. Brooklyn, NY
Can't Touch This. Katharine Mulherin. New York, NY

Young AdultInterstate Projects. U: L: O: II, curated by Al Bedell. Brooklyn, NY
Industry Woman. PS1 MoMA. Queens, NY
Beach is Better. Good Weather. Miami, FL
Shroomshow. helperBrooklyn, NY 
Sharps. MAW GalleryNew York, NY. (curation)
Five Holes All Smiles. Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. curated by Cecilia Salama. Brooklyn, NY
Diorama Dialogues. 545 Grenwich. New York, NY
Ecstasy and Anarchy.  Alt Space. curated by Travis Edegy. Brooklyn, NY

Works on Paper. LE Gallery. Toronto, ON
CHANNEL. Katzman Contemporary. Toronto, ON
Truth Be Told. Revue and YTB Gallery. Toronto, ON

Knife Play. LE Gallery. Toronto, ON (solo)
Pressure Points. Outpost Artist Resouces. curated by Alexandra Drewchin. Queens, NY
Moon Room. Narwhal. Toronto, ON
HARDENING. The Lighting Studio. New York, NY (performance w FlucT)
Papier14. LE Gallery at the Paper Art Fair. Montreal, QC

Fantasia Rising. Huntclub. Toronto, ON (solo)
Intimates Index. Gal Space Gallery. London, UK
Toronto International Art Fair. LE Gallery. Toronto, ON
Period Piece. curated by Petra Collins and Sandra Andler. OCAD U Ignite Gallery. Toronto, ON

License to Depart. The Music Gallery. Toronto, ON
The Reading Nook. Narwhal Contemporary Art Gallery. Toronto, ON
Age of Consent. Doris McCarthy Gallery. Scarborough, ON

Are They A Threat. The Penthouse Gallery. Baltimore, MD (solo)
Red Carpet. Drabinsky. Toronto, ON

When I Go Deaf. The Music Gallery. Toronto, ON (solo)
I Like What I Know. The White House. Toronto, ON
The One I Love The Most. Propeller Gallery. Toronto, ON
Divine Inspiration. The Music Gallery. Toronto, ON

Solid Gold. Mercer Union. Toronto, ON
Impulse Equation. Switch Contemporary. Toronto, ON
Dreamers And Screamers. Board of Directors. Toronto, ON

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AQNB. The Threat + The Threatened: Fin Simonetti2017
TerreMoto. IS PATH WARM?. 2017
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Sex Magazine. IS PATH WARM at Good Weather2017
NUT. Anteism. Liza Lacroix and Alli Malenson. 2017
Dazed and Confused. DAUGHTERS video premiere. Elise Gallant. 2017
Reactions by Rita Ackermann. co-published w Innen Books / Nieves. 2016
purple MagazineInterview with Rebecca Fin Simonetti. Vol III, Issue 25. Elise Gallant. Ed. Olivier Zahm. 2016
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Pike. HausMo Mixtape. Hausu Mountain Records. Chicago, IL. 2018
FACT Magazine. Best albums of 2017 - ICE PIX2017
ICE PIX. full-length album on CD and tape. Hausu Mountain Records. Chicago, IL. 2017
Autobody. Wiretapper compilation. The Wire Magazine. London, UK. 2017
Wonderland Magazine. Wonderlist2016
Warszawa. Fin's Autobody2016
The FADER. Autobody premiere. HOSS Records. 2016
Daughters. Odd Castles compilation. 2016
Weird Canada. New Canadiana - FIN - Hardening. Rachel Bellone. 2015
Hardening. digital EP. Premiered on The Editorial Magazine. 2015
ANIN. single on Fruits compilation. Healing Power Records. Toronto, ON. 2014
OfferingsFIN Violet Ray. Album review. Deirdre O'Sullivan. 2011
Violet Ray. full-length self-released album on CDR. 2011

Topical Cream, Artsy Benefit. 2018
Benefit for the Third Rail, Paddle8. 2017
Fundraiser for Xpace. 2016

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, University of Toronto. Toronto, ON

MAD Fellowship. Nomination. NYC. 2016
Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship. SVA. NYC. 2015
Visual Artist Fellowship. Vermont Studio Center. Johnson, Vermont. 2014
Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant. The Barnicke Gallery. 2012
Eric Freideld Award. OCAD U. 2009
Donna MacLean Award. OCAD U. 2008

Powrplant. Brooklyn, NY. 2017
67 Ludlow. New York, NY.  2016
Otion Front Studios. Brooklyn, NY. 2015
Hunter East Harlem Gallery. Powrplnt. NY, NY. 2015
Redbull Studios. Powrplnt. NY, NY. 2015
Stream Gallery. Powrplnt. Brooklyn, NY. 2014
The Plant. Montreal, QC. 2014
OCAD U. DRPT Thesis. Toronto, ON. 2014
SOHO House. Constructive Interference. curated by Katie Pretti. Toronto, ON. 2013
June Records. Toronto, ON. 2013
OCAD U. Sonic Arts. Geoffrey Pugen. Toronto, ON. 2012
China Academy of Art. Hangzhou, China. 2012

2016. Otion Front Studios AIR. Brooklyn, NY
2014. Vermont Studio Center. Johnson, Vermont
2012. Sunhoo Design Park. Hangzhou, China
2012. HALO HALO. Toronto, ON